We Buy Drive-in / Push Back

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With a multitude of intricacies involved in drive-in racking or push-back racking decommissioning, businesses across the UK are avoiding levelling up their racking solutions, resulting in a lack of useable warehouse space and loss of revenue from inefficient, time-consuming operations.

Our role? To decommission your pallet racks safely, with an eye for systematic dismantling and transportation.

A comprehensive decommissioning service, designed to ease your ‘to do’ list, our hands-on team are renowned for our wide-ranging skillset. From carving a specialist strategy for optimal efficiency to conducting full-scale pallet shelving decommissioning projects, as well as complete responsibility for RAMS, forklift / IPAF licencing, SEIRS accreditation and relevant checks, we handle every aspect of your drive-in racking disbandment.

Whether you’re revamping your existing storage solutions, downsizing your drive-in pallet racking structure, or looking for specialist support decommissioning your full racking warehouse, we strive to meet unrivalled quality standards, complete with rigorous location surveys and substantial planning, with an accurate quote delivered before our arrival. Built upon a foundation of transparency, we are lauded for our continual updates, dedication to ongoing communication, and commitment to your project requirements.

Going beyond the status quo, our drive-in racking decommissioning process entails far more than simple disassembly. Removing stock, safely disconnecting electrical devices, and disposing of waste in line with your pre-determined preferences, whether you’d prefer to sell, donate, or discard your pallet shelving, we methodically develop processes, leaving you with increased space to achieve your company goals. Offering drive-in racking removal and push-back racking with a difference, our dedicated team are available across the UK for your decommissioning needs.

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