We Buy And Dismantle Cantilever

Dismantling Cantilever Racking

Specialising in the efficient, smooth-running SIERS dismantling of cantilever racking, we plan, hone, and execute disassembly projects across the UK. Expansive, sturdy, and incredibly bulky, used cantilever racks are notably difficult to dismantle, requiring a specialist team to safely navigate, complete with a rich understanding of applicable SEMA regulations and a vast selection of sophisticated disassembly equipment.

Whether you’re looking to refresh your current storage solutions, safely relocate to a new premises, or temporarily make way for new stock, our warehouse racking removal service is designed to nurture your business goals, free of damage, delays, or disruption to your day-to-day. Bringing together an unrivalled skillset, deep cantilever know-how, and extensive experience, our trusted team take on dismantling projects nationally, from single racks to full-scale used racking removals, with each operation tailored to your business needs.

At Sell My Pallet Racking, our role does not begin with dismantling warehouse racking. We set the tone for faultless racking disassembly by assessing relevant safety concerns, from an unstable structure to trip hazards, compiling essential resources, clearly communicating responsibilities, and completing administrative tasks. An expert-led service, with the results to match, we are committed to consistently high-quality dismantling.

Ultimately, we understand the often-daunting nature of internal & external warehouse racking removal, from conducting project-specific RAMS to curating a faultless strategy, before seeking costly equipment to aid a hiccup-free dismantle. With our fully qualified, Forklift and IPAF-accredited team responsible for every hurdle, from adhering to relevant legislation to a seamless dismantling, coupled with appropriate business insurance, we account for the full behind-the-scenes know how.

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