about us


With over 10 years of industry experience, our role entails far more than efficient, hassle-free dismantlingBased in the North West, with a nationwide reach, Sell My Pallet Racking was formed to re-imagine practicality. The home of trusted warehouse clearance services, our hands-on team of pallet racking buyers, dilapidation specialists, dilapidation service provider and fully qualified forklift & IPAF drivers bridge the gap between your warehouse and inspection-ready condition, ensuring you recoup your deposit, while adhering to the gold standard of safety provisions.

Renowned as industry leaders, spanning a multitude of services, our accredited professionals are lauded for their unwavering attention to detail, commitment to customer satisfaction, unparalleled pallet rack experience and top quality dilapidation service provider.

Our mission

Deconstruction of mezzanine , warehouse racking clearance, and dismantling, through to seamlessly taking used pallet racks off your hands, our dedicated team play a vital role in warehouse moves, dilapidation service across the UK.

Our Vision

With rich insight, deep precision, and a team of specialist’s hand-vetted for their customer-first approach, we call upon advanced techniques to undertake streamlined warehouse clearance services, ensuring no trace, scuff, or mark is left.